What is Bloombastic and what does it actually do?
Bloombastic is a one bottle wonder that will transform your garden. The bloombastic formula is comprised of two very different sciences. Bloombastic is a highly concentrated pure mineral Pk boost as well as a cutting edge plant metabolic booster. Bloombastic will elevate the over all quality and yeild of your garden.

Should I shake Bloombastic for use? If yes, why?
Yes you should always shake ALL nutrients and addives before mixing your feeding soloution. This is just good gardening practice to ensure that the product is in full soloutin before mixing.

How should I use the product if I want to implement Bloombastic into my B'cuzz schedule?
Gardeners of all levels of expeirience should follow our manufactures application guidelines until they have enough experience with the product to make adjustments based on there own personal results.

Should I adjust the doses in my B'cuzz schedule of other products when I use Bloombastic?
The Bloombastic formula will increase the strength of your nutrient soloution. Our manufactures application chart takes into consideration the strength of Bloombastic.

How fast does the Bloombastic formula work?
You can typically see results within the first 5-7 days as you increase the dose of Bloombastic.

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